ECO Casino Games

Play as long as you want without risk and get more and more tokens.

ECO P2P Games

taking part In a competitive game with the help of growing your crafts and boosting your equipment contribute to winning of competitive games and obtaining money.

ECO 3D Games

Playing in a real 3D environment and revel gaining money

ECO Strategic Games

Assault your enemies and revel from a lucrative income by boosting your consecutive up levels and expanding your empire.

Play and getting Rich

Gaming procedures of the company has excellent affairs In addition to earning money from claiming game tokens in the process of playing in all ecosmart projects you will have a dividened ratio according to how much ECS tokens holding, and you can obtain remarkable revenue through referrals.

Discover the type of game that you would love to play


A variety of games, including general casino section, competitive, strategic, and three-dimensional games, are loaded onto Blockchain Tron, and you can earn money by playing games.

You’ll need to connect to the platform via a computer using Tron Pay and Tron Link wallets.

When you start games, you will take part in a two-person or multi-person competition, and you will get your share of the competition through Smart Contract after the contestation is over.

Yes, you can gain money through platform development and referrals.

ECO game token is produced in all different games by playing on the platform, and the only way to get this token is to play only on the Eco Game Center platform.

No, whether you win or lose, you will still claim an ECO token game.

You are a shareholder in the platform by claiming this token, even if you do not win in the competitive game.

No, the only way to claim this token is to play it, and this token will not be added to any exchange, because counterfeiters will make the real value of the token eco-game unstable by selling cheaply in exchange offices.

If our system detects that you cheated in the game, your inventory will be blocked, and the platform will be expired from your availability, and all your tokens will be stored in favor of the Smart Contract, make note that your capital will be transmitted to Smart. If the company will face a fraud case in the game’s process, never no way for returning your inventory.

Well, whether you win or lose, according to the game you will play, and how much tron you have invested in the platform, you will receive ECO game token, and your Tron inventory has been transmitted to the winner by Smart Contract.

1.winning in the emulations.

2.gaining dividend from ECO game token.

3.gaining dividend from your holding token(ECS).

4.developing the platform and revenue amplification from referral developer.


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